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We specialize in offering premium yacht and ship registration services in the picturesque and prestigious maritime destination of San Marino. Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, San Marino has a long-standing tradition of maritime excellence, and our team is dedicated to upholding and enhancing this legacy.

San Marino Yacht Registration for boats up to 10m from only 550.00 EU

San Marino Yacht Registration for boats 10m – 24m from only 1,550.00 EUR

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Our International Ship Registries (Worldwide) LLC, in the business since 1998, would like to extend a warm welcome!

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The most versatile, flexible, prestigious, cost-effective, fast, maritime registration option in Europe! Its main characteristics are: Safe; Secure; Sustainable; Competitive; Transparent; Smart; Digital; Tailored to each client’s real needs; Constantly Accessible (24/7); Connected!

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Our commitment is to provide the highest quality ship registry services found anywhere in the world. Our Staff will strive to meet your expectations by delivering the highest cost-effective level of Service, without compromising safety and sustainability.

A great deal of useful information, including regulations, publications, forms, scheme of fees, and benefits regarding the registration of vessel in San Marino can be found on this Website.

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For boats under 10m

San Marino Yacht Registration for boats up to 10m from only 550.00 EU

For boats between 10-24m

San Marino Yacht Registration for boats 10m – 24m from only 1,550.00 EUR

Why San Marino?

Here are ten reasons why you should choose San Marino as your preferred registration venue.

About San Marino

San Marino, officially the Republic of San Marino, is a European microstate and a country enclaved by Italy, located on the northeastern side of the Apennine Mountains. It is the fifth-smallest country in the world (a landlocked country), and its northeastern end is within 10 kms of the Italian city of Rimini on the Adriatic Coast.

Recognized Organizations (ROs) — Classification Societies

The approved recognized organizations for the issuance of statutory certificates on behalf of the San Marino Maritime Authority, under the provisions of the following regulations


SOLAS 1974/1988 Regulation I/6
MARPOL Annex I Regulation 6
MARPOL Annex II Regulation 8
MARPOL Annex IV Regulation 4
MARPOL Annex VI Regulation 5
LLC 1966/1988 Article 13
TONNAGE 1969 Article 7
AFS 2001 Annex 4 Regulation 1



Questions and Answers

Is San Marino a reputable jurisdiction?2023-11-02T23:01:11+00:00

San Marino is a top-rated country, fully compliant, and it is OECD White-listed jurisdiction (https://oecd.org). Moreover, it’s the world’s oldest republic, has financial and political stability, a robust legal framework, and an advantageous tax regime.

Does a San Marino Maritime Company have a reduced tax rate?2023-11-02T23:02:22+00:00

San Marino Maritime Companies have a reduced tax rate of 3.4% on Net Profits for their first 10 years of operation (this could be extended for maximum another 3 years, totaling 13 years since inception).

Can a San Marino Maritime Company engage in other activities (real estate, trading, acquisition of non-maritime assets)?2023-11-02T23:06:09+00:00

Yes, it can.

What is the Dividend Tax?2023-11-02T23:06:52+00:00

It is only 5%.

What is tax rate for normal (not maritime) companies in San Marino?2023-11-02T23:08:15+00:00

It is 17% on net profits.

What is the San Marino VAT rate?2023-11-02T23:08:51+00:00

No VAT exists in San Marino. A San Marino Maritime Company has no VAT when doing business outside of San Marino, so it’s ideal for buying yachts and other maritime investments.

What kind of Shareholders does a San Marino Maritime Company permit?2023-11-10T20:04:58+00:00

The respective company legislation permits both Natural Persons and Corporations (from anywhere in the world).

Are Due Diligence and Criminal Records for setting up a San Marino Maritime Company?2023-11-02T23:10:09+00:00

Both are necessary.

What is the Minimum Paid-In Capital to form a San Marino Maritime Company?2023-11-02T23:12:26+00:00

It is 25,500.00 euro, that need to be deposited into the company’s San Marino Bank Account during formation, and upon formation they can be withdrawn and used for various corporate purposes.

Can a San Marino Maritime Company Bank Account be remotely opened?2023-11-02T23:13:03+00:00


Can a San Marino Commercially Flagged boat be used for private use also?2023-11-02T23:13:54+00:00

Yes, for up to 90 days yearly, after notifying accordingly the Maritime Administration.

Are Bareboat Charter activities permissible under the San Marino Yacht Registration?2023-11-02T23:14:47+00:00

Yes, for up to 84 days yearly.

What Classification Societies and RO’s are acceptable to conduct surveys on behalf of the San Marino Flag (for commercial yachts and those that are more than 24m)?2023-11-02T23:15:30+00:00

They are Rina, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Turkish Lloyd, American Bureau of Shipping, DNV, China Classification Society, Class NK, Indian Register of Shipping, INSB Class, International Register of Shipping, TASNEEF, National Shipping Adjusters.

Which Skipper Certificates are acceptable for Pleasure Boat Registrations?2023-11-02T23:16:04+00:00

All certificates are permissible, no restrictions.

For Commercial Yachts under San Marino Flag?2023-11-02T23:16:42+00:00

STCW II/2 master, CoC from other countries that have ratified the STCW Convention.

How much time is needed to register a pleasure yacht?2023-11-02T23:17:17+00:00

2 working days.

When a San Marino Yacht Registration should be renewed?2023-11-02T23:17:53+00:00

Every 5 years.

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