Vessel Registration

San Marino Ship Register SMSR operates in support of the San Marino Maritime Navigation Authority (SM MNA).

Vessel registration is regulated by the San Marino Maritime Navigation Reform, 120, from 2 August 2019, the San Marino Ratification Instrument, the San Marino Maritime Technical Regulations, the San Marino Administrative Regulations, as well as Policy Letters and Bulletins.

Moreover, the San Marino Maritime Navigation Authority has delegated the issuance of statutory certificates to Recognised Organisations and Recognised Security Organisations (the list of authorised classification societies, who can issue statutory certificates on behalf of the San Marino Flag Administration, is available elsewhere on our website under RECOGNIZED RO’s – CLASSIFICATION SOCIETIES).

The registration of vessels is processed by the Merchant Registrar and the Yachts Registrar in the SMSR offices located in San Marino.

What you need to know:

Registration requirements

SMSR offers registration services to merchant ships, commercial yachts, private yachts, and units under construction (newbuilds).

Fishing vessels are not accepted for registration.

Ownership requirements

Ship registration can be done in the name of a company incorporated in San Marino, an individual resident in San Marino, or by way of an authorized San Marino resident agent for entities of other nationalities (foreign ownership is permitted).

Requirements for San Marino incorporated companies or San Marino residents:

✔ Extract from the register of companies (vigenza) not older than 6 months

✔ Copies of passports of applicants

✔ Copy of ID for San Marino residents

Requirements for foreign applicants:

✔ Appointment of a San Marino Resident Agent

✔ Extract from the register of companies, certificate of incorporation, or equivalent (not older than 6 months).

Moreover, where applicable, an IMO registered owner identification number must be requested on the website if not already available.

Required Age

The Registration of vessels of 20 years of age or older is not accepted. However, the Administration reserves the right to grant exceptions in specific cases, based on a pre-registration inspection and with the possibility to apply additional requirements. Therefore, a pre-registration inspection constitutes an additional requisite for registration of vessels of 20 years of age and older.

Technical requirements

Registrations with San Marino Ship Register must take place in compliance with national legislation and applicable international conventions, based on the type of vessel. For this purpose, statutory certificates must be issued by a San Marino approved Recognized Organization (RO) and Recognized Security Organization, following the appropriate surveys and audits to verify compliance with national and international regulations.

Moreover, an initial Flag State Inspection is to be carried out on board commercial vessels prior to the expiry of provisional registration and constitutes a requisite for permanent registration.

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