Registration of Yachts 10 to 24m

San Marino Yacht Registration –
For boats more than 10m to 24m

San Marino was started as a new Boat & Ship Registry in 2021, which offers a fast and efficient registration in Europe.

The flag registration is valid for 5 years and you can obtain provisional registration in 2 days already! It is a prestigious flag that is valid around the world and it is a Full Member of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). San Marino has its own delegation at the IMO and also a number of representative offices in several countries. As San Marino is located in Europe but not part of the EU, it is ideally located for vessels that sail the Mediterranean.

How fast can I register my vessel in San Marino?
We can obtain your provisional registration in 48 hours after we receive your documents. This provisional registration will already grant you full rights to use the boat while awaiting the final registration a couple of weeks later.

Will my yacht need to be surveyed?
All boats under 24 meters that are for private use only do NOT have to have an expensive survey done. We will provide you with a simple self-assessment form which you need to fill in yourself.

Which nationalities can register in San Marino?
The San Marino Registry accepts all nationalities and will also accept registrations from both private and commercial owned vessels. If your boat is corporate owned you can use your current company to register the boat.

IMPORTANT: As a foreigner (non-San Marino resident) you are required to have a local resident agent as local contact. We will arrange with a local law firm in San Marino. They will be your your official registered agent in San Marino for only €80.00 per year (€400.00 for the 5 years registration of your license) and the fee is the same for private or company owned vessels.

Why is the San Marino registration good value?

  • The provisional registration can be done in 2 days and is fully valid.
  • The San Marino registration is valid for 5 years.
  • No yacht survey is needed if your boat is under 24 meters.
  • You can register as private owner or as a company owned vessel.
  • Boats over 10 meters can also register as commercial vessels.
  • If you register as private use vessel, you can still charter for up to 84 days a year
  • Boats under 10 meters can register for only €550.00,
  • Boats between 10 meters and 24 meters can register for only €1,550.00.

The San Marino boat registration cost depend on the length of your vessel:

Private use boats under 10 meters:
San Marino Registration Fee is €550.00
The cost of the Radio License/MMSI (which is valid for 5 years) is €200.00 (and is optional for San Marino boats under 10m)

We charge a handling fee for taking care of the registration for you: €200.00

Private use boats between 10 meters to 24 meters:
San Marino Registration Fee = €1,550.00
The cost of the Radio License/MMSI (which is valid for 5 years) is €200.00 (and is mandatory for San Marino boats over 10m)
We charge a handling fee for taking care of the registration for you: €200.00


• Registration 1,550.00 EUR (mandatory)
• Resident Agent 400.00 EUR (mandatory)
• Service Fee 200.00 EUR (mandatory)
• Ship Radio Station License 200.00 EUR (mandatory)

What documents are needed for San Marino boat registration:

The documents needed are slightly different depending on you registration as a private owner or a non-San Marino company versus if you register as a San Marino resident or San Marino Company.

If the owner is an individual who is not resident in San Marino or a foreign company:

  • Chamber of Commerce company registration,
  • Appointment of San Marino Resident Agent form,
  • If private owner – passport of the applicants; OR
  • If boat is company owned – Incorporation certificate and passport of the applicants.

If the owner is an individual who is resident in San Marino or a company established in San Marino:

  • San Marino ID for individuals; or San Marino Chamber of commerce company registration and passport of the applicants.

We need a copy of the following documents:

  • Builder’s certificate, or bill of sale
  • Copies of insurance policies
  • Deletion certificate / closed transcript from the previous flag ‣ (if applicable – you need to send us a copy)

In some cases or if you have them please also provide:

  • Any mortgage deeds against the vessel
  • Previous International Tonnage Certificate
  • Charter Agreement (demise charter)
  • Copy of suspension or letter of approval by the underlying flag (demise charter)
  • Certificate of Class
  • Previous Continuous Synopsis Records
  • Appointment of an authorised surveyor or RO for the issuance of statutory certificates

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not mandatory for private yachts. It is sufficient to fill-in a self-assessment form to obtain the safety certificate. This is a major advantage of the San Marino registration as this means you do not have to have a time consuming and expensive survey done on your vessel.

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